Change in Address

The Registered office of a company or an LLP is the principal place of business activities, where all the official communication and reminders from will be sent to the mentioned location. The registered address must always be an effective address to avoid any delays as it is important that all correspondence sent to this address is dealt promptly.


1. From one place to another within limits of the same city.
2. Business place outside local limits but within the same state under the jurisdiction of the same ROC.
3. Change in office from the jurisdiction of one ROC to that of another ROC.
4. Different states.

To change a registered office within local limits, or town, a notice of change should be given to the respective registrar within 30 days of such change. In case the registered office is to be changed from one town or city to another within a state then, a special resolution should be passed.

But when the registered office is to be changed from one state to another then a confirmation of the special resolution from company law board is required. Also in addition, an advertisement in newspaper proposing the concerned change and notice is to be given to the state government by the applicants.


The concerned director must inform the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) within 30 days from the date of change in registered office, by submitting the necessary forms; that the address of the business has been changed.